Best talentis the foundation of the enterprise strategic target, and it is the enterprisesustainable development power. Company with scientific training methods,effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform , broad careerdevelopment space, in the human resources use,We pay attention to “ selecting, training,using and keeping”. We constantly optimize the structure of personnel quality. Letevery employee  fully Lianrui abrasives,and achieve the goal of personal career planning and enterprise developmentbiggest fit.  Let employees grow withenterprise.

    Our companyrespected "innovation and surpass, integrity, responsibility, spirit ofcooperation, work happily, healthy life" of the enterprise values, as weall work of the human resource guidelines, we think that "the employees whofinish their work well are the company’s wealth", the company paysattention to--- the employees should be honest and professional moralresponsibility, promote communication, cooperation and dedication, helping eachother. The company with scientific and standardized management for the employeesto provide a good working environment and company advocating simple andharmonious interpersonal relationship, to resist any bad "companypolitics" phenomenon, make the interpersonal relationship becomes simpleand healthy, try to build a happy work atmosphere. We care for our employeelife, encourage employees to pursue physical and mental health, enterprisesupport staff in the rich cultural and sports activities, let employees relax afterwork and enable employees to work hard and live happily.


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